Visit of students of the University of Rotterdam

From the visit of students of the University of Rotterdam and the Master’s programme in European Policy of the University of Amsterdam to MFHR offices. The students are currently doing a research project on Greece, with a particular focus on its position in the Europevisit Netherlandsan Union and the right-wing extremism. As part of their research, they travelled to Athens to conduct interviews with experts in the field. The project will result in an extensive report on Greece in the Country Report Studies series published by the Department of European Studies at the University of Amsterdam. These reports provide a multi-disciplinary analysis of European Union Member States. The students discussed with the MFHR staff about the level of protection of the human rights in Greece, the migration policy and the Golden Dawn issue.

Special thanks to Mariëlle Brouwer and Rutger Meier for having contacted MFHR and our best wishes for their research.