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Europe of Rights and Liberties/Europe des droits & Libertés. Issue 1 : Dossier | Charte sociale européenneN°1 March 2020


Europe of Rights and Liberties/Europe des droits & Libertés is a bilingual (French-English) journal that publishes articles on classic and new issues in the field of European and international human rights policy and law. It aims to promote critical debate, comparative perspectives and interdisciplinary scholarship concerning human rights in varying contexts across national, European and international levels. The journal is the outcome of a partnership between the Carré de Malberg Research Institute (IRCM–UR 3399), the Center for International and European Studies (CEIE–EA 7307) of the University of Strasbourg and the Marangopoulos Foundation for Human Rights (FMDH).

Published mainly in electronic form, Europe of Rights & Liberties/Europe des droits & Libertés is a bi-annual publication with three sections. The first, entitled ‘Editor’s choice’, comprising of in-depth, original and unpublished studies on both theoretical and practical aspects of the protection of fundamental rights and public freedoms in Europe and internationally; the second section, entitled ‘Thematic Articles’, deals with themes in comparative European and international human rights which are of theoretical and practical interest; the third section, entitled ‘Focus’, offers an in-depth analysis on current legal developments in human rights, particularly in the area of European national and international case-law. The current circumstances prevailing throughout the world—whether the public health crisis and measures taken to halt the spread of COVID-19 or pressures involved in the migration of people or anti-terrorist measures—increasingly reinforce the need to ensure the protection of human rights.

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