Message by the MFHR on the celebration of 28 October 1940

May the historical “No” of Greece inspire peoples and governments even today

The Marangopoulos Foundation for Human Rights (MFHR) invites all Greeks, men and women, but also all Europeans who struggle for freedom and democracy to realize, in this crucial period for our country and Europe, the huge historical responsibility that our people courageously assumed on 28 October 1940, by responding, without any hesitation, with a resounding “No” to the Italian ultimatum to surrender completely and join the fascist “Axe”. The fact that our people assumed this disproportional responsibility to the existing material resources of the Nation lead to victory against the Italian invaders, but also to the heroic and decisive for the outcome of World War II National Resistance. We should  note that World War II had begun a year earlier, in September 1939, with the simultaneous military invasion and occupation of Poland by the two cooperating totalitarian regimes of Germany and the Soviet Union – under the Soviet-German Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of 23 August of that year –.

Justly due to the Resistance, “small” Greece and Greek people have been established in History and in the conscience of all Nations as worthy fighters for Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights. May, today, that “No” of 28 October 1940 be a source of inspiration for politicians and peoples, in Greece and in Europe, in their effort to solve, all together united, with strength and without in any way disqualifying universal principles and values, the very important problems that we face, the most important of which being the increasing pauperization of citizens and countries and the uncontrollable now, encouraged by Turkey, refugee and migration flows.

Athens, 28October2015