The great Obama

It is without doubt that from all governors of the world, the one who has proved to be the most dedicated - beyond any personal ambition - to the protection of human rights without any personal interest is the great Obama. It is worth noting that he assumed the Presidency despite the serious objections of his wife, who is also a professor, who did not want any interference with politics. 

It is fortunate that at this international conjuncture he is the head of the most powerful state of the world. Constantly fighting for the predominance of human rights, particularly those of the weak around the world, he has always been confronted in his country with the organized opposition of business interests, which created serious obstacles to his best endeavors. Let us not forget the enormous resistance he encountered when he even tried to introduce free medical care for Americans, reduce the traffic in weapons, especially among the country's youth, and recently to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which even threatened - thankfully unsuccessfully - to overthrow him.

Especially Greece, which in many respects is in a very difficult position, benefits from his wonderful stance. The US was also fortunate, after the horrendous situation caused by the Bush regime, to have this beneficial for the entire world personality as the nation's chief helmsman. We must not forget that he undertook his office when the inhuman policy of Guantanamo reigned and he began his struggle to overturn it.

We must also not forget that Obama's policy is in line with the final provision of our democratic Constitution of 1975, which explicitly defines it as the inspiring principle of action for all Greeks. According to the provision, "the observance of the Constitution is vested in the patriotism of the Greeks, who are entitled and obliged to resist with every available means against anyone who attempts to overthrow it by force."

Finally, we must remember that when the war was declared in 1940, everything had been so arranged by the military and political leadership, so as to fail from the very beginning, which was canceled by the proper stance and patriotism of some Greek military, among which the Governor of the VIII Division, General X. Katsimitros, who refused to obey to the orders of the command post which was favourable to the Italian regime, based in the basement of Grande Bretagne, to retreat even before the war had started and finally they were totally vindicated. This knowledge and patriotism, which is required by our Constitution, must guide the decisions and actions of all Greeks.

Athens, 10 February 2016