MFHR intervention at an international conference against nuclear threat

Belgrade (11/13.9.2015)

The annual conference of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (Nobel Prize 1985) entitled “For a World without Nuclear Weapons and War” was organized on the 11-13th of September, in Belgrade. The main issues discussed were the developments concerning nuclear weapons and factories, as well as the latest findings on the use of prohibited weapons containing depleted uranium (see the case of Yugoslavia during the attack of NATO in 1999), the reconciliation after the war of Yugoslavia and the Ukrainian crisis as a threat of nuclear war. For more information see

The MFHR was represented by Apostolos D. Panagiotou, Professor Emeritus of Physics in the University of Athens, Scientific Associate of CERN and President of the Committee against Nuclear Dangers of the Marangopoulos Foundation for Human Right (MFHR), who intervened on “The Global Outlook of Nuclear Power in the Aftermath of Fukushima: the Fear Persists” (see the intervention here).  The congress was attended also by the representative of the Greek Association for the Protection of the Environment and against Nuclear and Biochemical Threat (GMA), Miss Maria Arvaniti-Sotiropoulou, Vice-President of the Commission against Nuclear Dangers of the MFHR. This Commission aims to raise awareness and keep the public updated in relation to those dangers stemming from the use of nuclear energy, through the organization of relevant events and scientific conferences.